10 Reasons To Host Your Next Event at a University

Convention centres, banquet halls, hotels and conference centres are all great venues to host meetings conferences and special events, but what about hosting your event at a venue that offers convenience and flexibility, leading technologies, and beautiful settings?

Top 10 Reasons to Host Conferences, Meetings, & Special Events at a University

1. Size/Capacity of Facilities


University facilities (classrooms, banquet spaces, athletic facilities, outdoor spaces.. the list goes on) are all designed to accommodate large quantities of people, therefore they are able to fit whatever size group your meeting conference, or special event is hosting.

2. Fantastic Recreation Facilities

650_Currie Center_Facilities_PracticeGym

Universities are home to first class athletes, who require first class facilities… and that is exactly what universities offer! In off-seasons, these recreation facilities are rentable to any group that meets on campus.

3. Abundance of Campus Resources


A University offers a community of departments, and people willing and able to help with every aspect of a meeting, conference, or special event. Whether your event needs security, or experts in any academic field, a university campus will be able to deliver!

4. Diversity and Flexibility


Not only do university campuses offer a variety of different venues, they offer a venue for a variety of different events. One campus venue can be transformed from a banquet hall, to a concert venue, symposium space, to a trade show floor, and everything in-between! Any type of event you require, there will be a venue on a university campus that can host it.

University food services also offer great flexibility and diversity. Campus food service providers can serve everything from small lunches for 20, to large banquets for 1,000; quality and service is never sacrificed. They are also very flexible with their food offerings, they can cater to any dietary requirement, and can even offer menus tailored for your specific needs.

5. The Value

Long Hall image 1

The value of hosting meetings, conferences, and special events on a university campus is unmatched. Universities are known for being capable of offering much lower prices to their conference clients, as they are not-for-profit.

Universities also offer great value with their on-campus food services. Receive world-class catering from professional teams (UNB’s food service provider Sodexo is lucky to have an award winning executive chef!), great service, and incredible quality for a fraction of the cost of convention centre catering!

BONUS: Proceeds from hosting events on campus go directly to programs, services, and facilities for the universitys’ students; so by hosting your meeting, conference or special event at a university, you know that you are helping to enhance the student experience!

6. Advanced Technologies

Rob Blanchard Photo

Universities lead the way in innovation, and many of their updated classrooms, conference centres, and auditorium spaces offer leading edge technology and audio visual services. Not a technology expert.. no problem! Universities are lucky to have on-site technical gurus, who will ensure the technical side of every event runs smoothly.

7. Beautiful Campuses


University campuses are rich in history, and showcase architectural beauty. A key factor in all meetings, conferences and special events is pleasing your guests, or delegates; what better way to please your guests, than by offering them the luxury of meeting and staying amongst such history and beauty!

8. Environment that Fosters a Sense of Community

Rob Blanchard Photo UNB

A university campus, in its nature, fosters a sense of community among all of its visitors. Let your conference attendees, event guests, and delegates stay, meet, and celebrate together, and watch them form a community of support, mutual respect, and appreciation.

9. Affordable Accommodations

Rob Blanchard Photo UNB

Staying at university accommodations is guaranteed to save you and your guests money! Traditional single and double residence rooms offer great value for youth groups as well as conference delegates. Most universities also offer suite style, or traditional hotel style accommodations; these contain all the amenities of a traditional hotel at a fraction of the cost!

10. Eat, Sleep, and Meet all at One Venue!


A University is a one stop shop for all meeting, conference, and special event needs. Take the worrying out of planning your event and book everything from food services, to delegate bedrooms, all with the help from one fantastic, professional campus conference services team!



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