Event Toolkit – The Essentials!

Recently it has been decided that we need to start putting together an “event toolkit” – something we can carry around to events happening on or off campus that we are managing, filled with supplies that can help us execute the set-up of an event, or help us when any unforeseen circumstances arise.

The 5 most essential items of our “Event Toolkit”:

1. The Toolkit! – Obviously the toolkit is the most important thing! We went to Home Depot to pick out an actual handyman’s toolkit, that would best fit the needs our needs. We wanted a toolkit with multiple compartments and pockets, as well as one that wasn’t too big or bulky. We wanted one with an over-the-shoulder strap so it can be easily transported from one venue to another (we may upgrade to a toolkit on wheels sometime in the future!). We went with a Husky brand canvas toolkit, it can be found here.

2. Phone Chargers – Since it is almost impossible to get anything done without that little device, it is important that we have phone chargers in our event toolkit so that we can keep them going throughout an entire event! It is important that the phone chargers we have fit any type of phone, so that whether our staff, client or event attendee needs a charge we have a charger to keep everyone’s device alive! We found this neat charger at Walmart.ca that has a lightning connector for iPhone, and a micro USB connector for most other phones. The item can be found here.

3. Branded Note Pads/Business Cards – When preparing for an event/conference, or when running an event/conference, sometimes people want information from you, such as phone numbers, times of events, etc… what better way to give out that information than on a branded note pad with your website, and contact information , or on the back of your business card! Whoever receives that information could be a potential future client, and now they know how to contact you!

4. Sewing Kit – Small but mighty! A sewing kit can help with anything from wardrobe malfunctions, to putting up decorations (both of which we have used it for!). For a recent conference we used a sewing kit to hang lanterns inside an outdoor tent where a tasting event was taking place; having these lanterns up made the space so much more elegant and warm, and we would not have been able to hang them from the draping inside the tent without the sewing kit!

5. Candy – This may seem like an odd item to have in an event toolkit, but believe us, a little bit of sugar is great to have when you are worn out from a long event and need a little pick-me-up. Go to the dollar store grab some cheap Skittles or Jolly Ranchers, and when you are feeling tired, you’ll be glad you have them! (Caffeine would be great as well; if you don’t have time to go out and grab a coffee, we suggest having a stash of chocolate covered coffee beans in the toolkit!)

Along with these 5 essential “tools” we included many other items in our event toolkit, including: breath mints, hand sanitizer, kleenex, tape measure, hole punch, lint roller, tide-to-go, lighter, extension cords, and so much more!


What would you include in your event toolkit? We would love to hear new ideas, tell us in the comment section below!


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