Breaking the Mold: Venue Stereotypes

In the meeting and event industry venue stereotypes do exist. Convention centres are thought of as being cold and stuffy, and meeting at them is like being stuck in a box all day. Hotels are perceived to have expensive food, drab decor and uncomfortable furniture, and University Campuses are thought to be inflexible, and difficult to work with. Although some venues, unfortunately, fit the stereotype, others know that they can offer so much more than what they are perceived to.

How do we, as venues,  break the mold and let the world know “We are different!”, or better yet work with our partners to collectively change the perceptions.

We’ve put together a list of 3 things you can do as a venue to try to break-free from the stereotype that is holding you back.

1. Evaluate the pain points meeting and event planners have with your type of venue and see if you do things differently. If you do, congratulations (if you don’t keep working on it)! Now let the planners know; include one or more of your differentiators in a promotion or campaign, or make sure to highlight them in your conference and event bids, and sales calls.

2. Hold an open house; invite meeting planners and others from your community into your venue to show them you are different! Let them interact with your venue; see the spaces, use the technology, enjoy the food; if they do, they will soon know that your venue is not like the others. Also, during site visits, highlight to the clients the ways you are breaking the stereotypes. For example, if you are a convention centre, and you’ve worked hard to develop a unique and fresh menu, don’t take the safe route, serving the clients a chicken or salmon dinner, serve something new off your menu to surprise them!

3. Share ideas with your partners. If you want to break the venue stereotypes throughout your area, get together with your partners and competition to brainstorm new ideas, and share some of your great ones (don’t share them all though.. you have to save some for yourself!).

Share your thoughts with us on how to break the mold at your venue!

Written by: Alisha Bainbridge, Marketing Communications Coordinator

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