5 Tips for Choosing Conference Gifts Attendees will Love

Are conference  gifts overdone? We don’t think so!

When selecting your awesome giveaways thanking attendees for taking time out of their busy lives to take part in your event, it is important to be thoughtful, sensible and creative!

Keep these 5 tips in mind when choosing the perfect giveaways for your attendees:

1) Keep it relevant to the theme or values of the event. Try to choose a gift that will be useful to attendees throughout the conference or event. Also make it something they will enjoy after they go back home; you know if they are at your conference that they are interested in the topics the conference covers, therefore when the gifts are relevant to the theme of the conference, you know the attendees will enjoy them!

2) Choose local! Partner with local companies/organizations to incorporate their products into your giveaways. This will enhances the guests’ experience with the local community, and remind them where they were after they leave! Who knows, it may even entice them to come back for more!

3) Think outside the box, and do away with the norm. Attendees don’t want to receive the same welcome gifts conference after conference, year after year, and you surely don’t want to be paying for conference swag that is just being tossed away. Give something unique that will enhance their experience. Try to incorporate the gift into the conference experience; add an element of competition, or networking with the giveaway.

4) Personalize it. If you have the resources and the time, it would be a nice touch to personalize a gift for attendees. To do this you could do something as simple as asking the attendees a question on their registration form such as what is your favourite candy, and including this candy item in their gift, or setting up interactive booths at various conference events where attendees can take home personalized gifts on the spot – such as portraits drawn by a caricature artist.

5) Brand it! Don’t forget to leave your mark on the gifts. If you are giving something awesome, you want the attendees to remember who it was from! You may also want to include your conference hashtag to get the attendees engaged, or offer sponsor logo space on giveaways to add another income stream for your conference.

Written by Alisha Bainbridge, Marketing Communications Coordinator at UNB Conference Services

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