2016 Conference Centre Trends

Straight from our conference and meeting centre experts at the Wu Conference Centre, here are 3 current trends they are seeing in the Conference Centre world:


Meeting set-ups that facilitate collaboration and discussion:

Moving away from the standard boardroom style meeting set-up, clients are looking to get more collaborative in their meetings, and meeting space trends are moving towards casual setups such as round table discussion style, and casual panel style (pictured below). Clients are also looking to venues to wear the creative hat when planning room sets, so do your research, and wow those clients with spaces that can be a hub for discussion, collaboration and creativity!

Rob Blanchard Photo UNB
Rob Blanchard Photo UNB

Going digital: 

Everyone is connected these days, and meeting planners are definitely no exception (phones can be our life lines!). Conference centres can take advantage of this digital culture in many ways; digital signage, iPhone, or iPad presentation projection capabilities, digital kiosks for quick client feedback and facility apps.

iPhone and iPad projection capabilities: we are seeing a trend towards wireless presentations, where clients project presentations from their phone or tablet onto the screen as opposed to being plugged in. This allows for more flexibility when presenting, and can add value to their meeting experience.

Digital kiosks: Getting client feedback is something that can be a struggle; clients no longer have the time to answer surveys emailed to them after an event, and sometimes the surveys are never seen by clients who are actually in the facility. Setting up digital, tablet kiosks, with quick feedback questions may be the answer to this problem!

Facility app: The Wu Centre is currently working on an app that clients can use while in the facility, or before coming, to plan their meeting, ask questions, find out important information and more (we don’t want to give away all our secrets)! As mentioned above, clients are always on their phone, so why not get your conference centre in that space!

Seat options for clients:

Delegates participating in day-long training sessions or meetings shouldn’t have to sit in less than comfortable banquet chairs. Providing the client with seating options may be just what they need. At the Wu Conference Centre clients have the option to choose between standard banquet chairs (which can be used for meetings or dressed up to be used during special events) or more comfortable executive meeting chairs.Giving clients options lets them feel like they are in the drivers seat when it comes to planning the best possible experience for their delegates and guests.


Written by Alisha Bainbridge, Marketing Communications Coordinator

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