Throwing the Perfect Office Holiday Party

Your employees work hard, they deserve the best Holiday Celebration this year. Here is how to throw them the perfect Holiday Party:

Mix it up. Have you been throwing the same Holiday party year after year? Mix it up this time: choose a new location, try some different food, or step outside the box and plan a non-traditional Holiday Party. (Why not take the team to the ski hill, or plan a lunch-time celebration – everyone loves an afternoon off of work!).

Have Good Entertainment. If you are going to splurge on a Holiday party, here is where to do it – on GOOD entertainment! Hire the best musician in town, or the most renowned local comedian; this could be the difference between an OKAY party and one they will be talking about for years! There are other entertainment options as well, you could hire unique entertainment such as a local artist to do an on-the-spot painting workshop, or a dance troupe to perform a whimsical ballet.


Include a Photobooth. EVERYONE loves a photobooth, but it has to be done right. Choose a photobooth company that includes its own props (make sure there are holiday props in the mix), and who print the photos in real time – so the guests can take home lasting memories! Some companies even offer additional services such as: red carpet treatment, video booth, and social media integration – FUN!

Make it Interactive. Include interactive “stations” where guests can decorate gingerbread cookies, make their own ornaments, or decorate their own wreaths. This will leave them with a lasting impression of the event, and something to take home. For those brave enough, you can include a karaoke “bar” at the event – please note this does not count as the “good entertainment”.


Put time (and effort) into planning. Your employees deserve it! Take time to carefully plan a celebration they will be excited to go to, and will appreciate. Put together a Holiday party planning committee, and get insights and ideas from those within the company.


Written by: Alisha Bainbridge, Marketing Communications Coordinator


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