2017 Meeting & Event Trends

A new year, a new list of meeting and event trends that will put you ahead in the M&E industry in 2017!

Virtual Attendance


Attendees want the flexibility of attending an event physically, or virtually. With all of the tools available to you to make this happen, it is easier than ever to give people the experience of being at an event, without actually being there! Live streaming tools such as Periscope and Facebook Live make it easy to share live events with large audiences, or targeted audiences, and allow you to turn them into a video to share later. However, there comes a challenge with this, having to hire staff to take video of the event, increased Wi-Fi bandwidth demand as well as a lack of tools to improve virtual attendance during round table sessions or networking events.

Engagement Facilitating Technologies

Engagement in sessions, keynotes, receptions and any other aspect of a meeting or event is becoming increasingly important to both attendees and meeting organizers. There are so many technologies on the market now that are aimed at increasing engagement, here are a few of our favourites

  • Catchbox: Makes it easy to engage the audience at panels, keynote sessions, and presentations. It is designed for audience participation and adds an element of fun to any event.
  • Poken: Promises to “turn attendees into participants” by allowing them to check-in at sessions, interact with other attendees and network with speakers, colleagues and friends. It gives the meeting organizer an opportunity to collect metrics in real time, generate leads and create a fun environment.
  • Slido: Is a real-time engagement tool that allows attendees to ask questions, participate in polls and share presentation slides. There are many tools like this out there, but Slido also allows you to engage your online, or virtual attendees! Plus it is super simple for attendees, they just need to open a browser, type in the slido.com URL and join with an event code!

Some other engaging event technologies that will be more prominent in 2017 include event apps, and interactive kiosks for trade-show booths, and engaging photobooths.

Cheaper Venues

Rob Blanchard Photo UNB

Meeting organizers will see a trend toward opting for cheaper venues: host cities, meeting facilities, or event venues so that the budget can be saved for improved session content and better event technologies. Save money on event venues by opting for a venue with all-inclusive rates – finding a venue with A/V included is the way to go!

Decline of the Formal Event

Meetings will get even more casual in 2017. Attendees are looking for meeting and event environments to spur creativity and encourage networking, so meeting planners will see a higher demand for casual, relaxed environments. the M&E industry will see reception-style dinners replace more formal affairs, as well as comfortable, lounge-like seating, replace the standard meeting round room set.Ever wanted a couch in your meeting? 2017 is the year to make it happen!

The Millennial Dream


The meeting and events industry is becoming increasingly attractive to millennials. A career in M&E can be very rewarding and offers an opportunity for flexibility, ability to travel, creativity and changing environments. Keep an eye out for more millennials joining the meetings and events workforce in 2017.


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