What you Need to Know About Having Your Wedding on a University Campus

Did you and your spouse-to-be fall in love at University, do you admire the beauty and history of a University campus or do you just want a unique venue for your big day? If you are considering a University campus as your wedding venue for any of the reasons mentioned above (or for any other reason!) then here is everything you will need to know!

Space is Available All-Year Long

At smaller Universities, you may have a difficult time finding space, especially during the months of September-April however, larger Universities that offer various venues, are very likely to have spaces available all year round!

Some Universities may even have dedicated event space, that is not reserved for student programming. A bonus to booking space at a University is that you are supporting programs, services and spaces for thier students!

*Tip: University venues typically cannot be booked more than 1 year in advance. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Campuses have Beautiful Scenery for Photos

Forget the hassle of leaving your wedding venue to get stunning photos. University grounds have some of the most breathtaking scenery that will act as the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Historic buildings, lush greenery, breathtaking views – a University campus can really have it all!

Julie Whitlock Photography

Universities offer Accommodations for Your Guests

During the summer months, most Universities open up their residence buildings for summer guests, meaning your wedding guests can stay at the venue.

Bonus: most University accommodations offer low rates which will save your guests money!

Some larger University campuses may offer full-year accommodations, just ask the venue up front.

Universities may also offer “suite-style” accommodations, which would include kitchens, living areas and private washrooms. These room-types are perfect for bridal suites!

Rob Blanchard Photo UNB

Don’t Underestimate Campus Food Service Providers

When you think of food on a University campus, you think meal hall, however, most people do not realize that University food service providers create amazing menus for catered events such as weddings. From large buffets to gourmet served meals, University food service providers have it all. Ask the venue for their wedding catering menu during the inquiry stage, you may be pleasantly surprised at the food options available and the costs!

Some university food service providers will offer samplings to help you with selecting your menu, as well as complimentary champagne toasts for your head table.

*Tip: Ask the food service provider if they will work with you to customize menus; they are more than happy to create a menu that is perfect for your big day. They are also more than happy to accommodate any dietary need.

*Tip: Most universities have exclusive contracts with food service providers, so ask in advance if you are looking to bring a caterer on campus.

Joy Cummings Photo UNB

They are the Perfect Venue for Summer Weddings

University campus venues may not be available during the months of September-April (as this is when students are in class, and campuses are busy!) but they are PERFECT for summer weddings; campus is calm, the grounds are at their most beautiful and venues are available!


If you are looking for a unique venue for a summer wedding… you’ve found it!

Want to find out more about UNB as a wedding venue? Contact us at celebrate@unb.ca 



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