Why Meetings Matter to Fredericton & the University of New Brunswick

April 6, 2017 is National and Global Meetings Industry Day; a day for leaders in the meetings and events industry to join together and show the world the impact meetings, conferences and events have on our communities, local businesses and economies.

At UNB Conference Services we are passionate advocates for bringing meetings and conventions home and we work tirelessly to bring events to Fredericton, in partnership with Meetings Matter & Rendez-Vous Fredericton team.

Here are 3 benefits of bringing meetings, conferences and events home to Fredericton:

Stimulate economic activity

According to the Meetings Matter Fredericton website: one delegate attending a national conference in Fredericton will leave behind, on average, $324 per day that he/she is in our City. This means that bringing meetings and conferences to Fredericton have the potential to have a great economic impact to our local businesses and store-owners.

Showcase Fredericton & UNB as a hub for innovation and knowledge

Conferences and meetings bring people together to share knowledge, ideas and to show their passion for their specific field. By bringing meetings to Fredericton, we are promoting it as a city that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing and that it and its people share their passion and excitement!

Expose our beautiful city to the world

When conference and meeting delegates visit Fredericton they fall in love with our small-town charm, maritime hospitality and innovative attitudes (I mean who wouldn’t) and leave wanting more. Bringing conferences and meetings to Fredericton creates exposure for Fredericton and the Maritimes as a great place to visit and explore.

Support programs, services and spaces for UNB students

All of the proceeds from meetings, conferences and special events at UNB go back to supporting programs, services and spaces for UNB students. When you meet at UNB, know that you are helping the students of this great University!

Looking to bring a conference or meeting home to Fredericton, let us know, we would love to help! Email us at conferenceservices@unb.ca or leave a comment below.

Written by Alisha Bainbridge, Marketing Communications Coordinator at UNB Conference Services

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